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SWATI Couture Fashion Show Heats Up TiEcon 2009
Aja Jones


Bollywood Meets Burning Man

It was worth the wait. Once the doors opened, colorful beams of light sliced through the dark and revelry contained there - women clad in shimmering red, silver and gold costumes, fiery and fringed on stilts towering twelve feet tall against the backdrop of the stage, which looked like a massive tribute to the ICEBARs of Stockholm and Sweden, an entire of panel of DJs and sound techs spinning in tandem  - perfectly setting the mood for SWATI Couture's Fire & Ice collection. Imagine a tryst between Bollywood and Burning Man in a Cirque du Soleil circus tent, and you're almost there. The fashion show itself was studded with acrobats, contortionists and dance troupes, all sharing the runway with the models, who writhed and swayed around onstage in choreographed dances to help showcase the looks they wore.


These aren't your mama's saris, kittens!

A sheer, webbed, midnight blue fabric with star-like glints of silver detail here, printed chiffon wrap-tops paired with hot pants there. There was even a corset in cobalt blue with a lace-up back, and liquid silver jumpsuits and rompers - this is how SWATI Couture does seriously glam sex appeal.

The Takeaway

The only low points of the show were in pieces that felt like departures from what SWATI does best - they were devoid of her lavish embellishments and her austere nods to the East - the satin formal numbers in solid blacks or so-so prints, with lackluster lines. I was most drawn to the tunics, however. In saturated reds and oranges or deep teals, and trimmed with delicate gold beading and fringe, I could see them belted and paired with this season's hottest gladiator sandals. Add a clutch and a cocktail and you couldn't have an easier or more surprising day-to-nighttime look. They're so accessible and timeless that I could see upscale boutiques everywhere struggling to keep up with the fevered demand!

TiEcon 2009 : The Bold Entrepreneur

Attendees of this year's TiEcon 2009 : The Bold Entrepreneur couldn't wait to get through the doors to see the SWATI Couture fashion show, the highlight event of the 2-day convention geared toward coaching global entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their businesses in this turbulent economy. They milled their way from the convention booths to the ballroom, but the doors were kept closed and heavily guarded by event staff, whilst voices - one feminine and beckoning, the other booming and ominous - promised they'd be opened to the masses in 15, 10, 5 minutes. Some folks - including two very impatient San Jose Fashion Week staff writers - wandered from one entrance to another, unable to stand the suspense! Who can blame them? Swati Kapoor is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, and by tempering Reza for SWATI Couture's fearless creativity with an authentic admiration for the traditional, she's single-handedly created, filled and excels in a self-made niche market in fashion.



Fire & Ice

The show opened with some of Reza Shariffi for SWATI trademark fashion fusion pieces - a sexy, modern take on the traditional Indian sari in gunmetal organza or deep turquoise chiffon with exquisite hand-beading that sometimes covers every last inch of fabric. There was also an elegant off-white dress sparkling with jewels and almost bohemian sleeves, easily something Stevie Nicks might have worn at a Fleetwood Mac show, and something I'd honestly consider wearing down the aisle! Every sari was so beautifully and effortlessly draped and one can easily imagine them on a red carpet or gala event.

There was a brief pause for the audience to catch their breath and cool themselves with a sip from one of the bar's libations before a new crop of models were sent out with more daring silhouettes. The models wore skin-baring halters and sleeveless necklines, I spied swim-inspired lines seen in summer's hottest maillots and monokinis. They were done in vibrant hues like fire engine red and hot pink or cerulean, and always, always glittering with stunning patterns of gold or silver beading that, in some magical twist of physics, never weighted the clothes down. They floated airily with each model's step and moved so gracefully.


Designer Swati Kapoor

Choreographer Micheal B

Fotos Stevn De Lozada

Fotos Aja Jones

Fashion Writer Aja Jones

Film Filip Kharon

That Look Model Elizabeth Grzejka

Foto Edits Swati Kapoor




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That Look Models Filip Kharon

SJFW Creative Director Janette Maack

SJFW Fashion Writer Aja Jones

Choreographer Micheal B






Amazing what you can do with an extra pair of red pants!

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