Miu Miu
Fall 2010

Extracted from one of the most well known fashion houses, Miu Miu's designs are an extension of Miuccia Prada's imagination. The style is a representation of elegance meets everyday created for sophisticated young women out to do their daily routine- all the while in high heels. Unlike Prada, Miu Miu's flavor strives to embellish a youthful glow in their garments to keep their clients hydrated with a refreshing glass of oo la la.

This season's Fall 2010 collection exemplifies the modern woman incorporating summer's floral legacy with an autumnal shading, however, I Love Lucy will not be a stranger when these pieces hit the racks at the nearest mall. The 1950's emphasis on pinafore dresses are impossible to miss. "Honey I'm home" skirts can easily be incorporated to any lady's closet, just add the leggings and you're off! Exaggerated collars will also be transitioning steps from beach goddess to hot cocoa mistress. Whether they be turtle necks or draping scoop necks, additional inches (on or off) will be the answer for fall's most frequently asked question: "to wear a scarf or not to wear a scarf.."

Legs are much better when shown off for this fall season. I couldn't agree more, my entire wardrobe only has five pairs of pants, everything else are dresses, shorts, and skirts. But ladies, hide your booty shorts until spring and pick up a new wrap around skirt. They are more than just a little bit above the knee, they're practically grazing mid thigh! Miu Miu's provocative spin on the length keeps this collection playful. Resembling school girl uniforms and first date outfits, legs are more than just for flair, they bring the clothing to life in their own romantic way. Laced with daring hems and embroidered cinched waists, attention to detail are going to elongate these mini's, not to mention, keep you looking fabulous. Pair these shorties up with a new pair of heels or flats and get ready to catwalk your way to work or school. Don't be afraid to go short though, Miu Miu hasn't decided to torture you in the cold with all the shortness, in fact, the fabric for this season are going to consist of fleece, meaning lots of warmth.

If you haven't already noticed, fluid movements of orange are constant in Miu Miu's models. Their eyeshadow sets fire to any garment worn on the runway, much like any envious glare you're going to get after you parade yourself in these colors. Lilacs, hues of tangerine, and minty greens are found bursting from collars to shoes- complimenting and complicating the simple eloquence that these ensembles state. I personally love the contrasting colors, they offer an abstract and soft balance to the pieces, but black colorings and floral metallics from coats and dresses keep the warm tones from over-powering, reminding the consumer that this is still a fall collection meant to later develop into winter. Their unique palette of pastels are anything but flashy, however, it's safe to say that they will be the latest hype- I expect any designer nail polish to follow Miu Miu's choice of subtle colors.

So regardless of your decision on going short or pairing the dresses and skirts with leggings, I can assume that Miu Miu will leave all our wallets empty and our bank accounts broke. This fall season's collection is more than just cute, it is very classic and closet friendly. Why wouldn't you buy it? If the collars haven't already sold you, the wonderful midnight coats should have! On top of that, mixing and matching Miu Miu with clothing, shoes, and accessories you already own will be effortless and frugal in this economy. Who says you have to buy a new wardrobe every season?




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Fashion Writer Samantha Ibanez


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