"Clothing for the Diva on Paper and the Hippie at heart "

There is truth in the saying ‘hard work pays off'. And when you throw a little passion in the mix, the surefire result is success. No one knows that better than Eve Kinizo.

In six years, this European transplant and creator of Hip Line designs, has expanded her business (and exposure) from belts and accessories to clothing designer. And, what better way to showcase this than as a participant in a design collective shown at Fashion Week this past February. This is an extraordinary feat in a competitive industry, where success does not come easy.

Clearly, there's a recipe for success here

First and foremost, stay true to yourself. This goes beyond your design or style aesthetic. This means to truly live, love, and breathe fashion. At Hip Line, Kinizo has created a line of clothing that is leather-free, 100% vegan, just like her. To Kinizo, being a vegetarian is a way of life. An extension of her and how she's lived most of her life. It was only logical for to design clothing that reflected this. Utilizing the man-made fabric pleather as a substitute, Kinizo believes she can achieve the same look. In reviewing the fan feedback on her site, it seems her fans would agree.

Kinizo's slogan is "Clothing for the Diva on Paper and the Hippie at heart " She further explains, "clothing that's dressy, funky, and obviously up to date, but always with a hippy laidback look attached to it. Targeted towards the artistic; creative; hippy creative girls that go to the art galleries, movies, or anything that involves an artistic event." In short: Sexy. Sulty. Simple and fun with clean lines. 

Most of her success is attributed to being one of the first Canadian designers to have an online boutique. This level of exclusivity gave her the exposure she needed to increase the number of buyers who now have Hip Line clothing in stores all over the world. That coupled with a lot of networking, Kinizo has gone global...almost.


The one untapped market, as of yet, is America; or more specifically New York and Los Angeles, her main target. Prior to starting Hip Line, Kinizo lived and worked in Los Angeles for other designers. It's here where she knew she'd start her own company one day.

Seeing what other designers had to go through and the countless mistakes they made opened Kinizo's eyes. It gave her a great foundation for best practices and lessons learned. Practices she was able to implement and lessons she was able to avoid when she launched Hip Line. It's also what she would preach to new designers starting out:

1. "Work for someone else and see what's involved"
2. "Have a business plan"
3. "Have a lot of money, help, and support"

These components are critical for achieving success in an industry when surviving means sticking around (and holding strong!) for at least 10 years!

So, what's next for this rising star?

Next year, she hopes to show her collection at Canada's Fashion Week. She says, "my preference is to wait and do it right because once you do it, you do it. It needs to be successful."

Hey Kinizo, at the rate Hip Line is going, there's no doubt it won't be.


Fashion Writer Anisa Riddell

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