Fall 2010

Gucci’s fall 2010 line makes me feel like I’ve gotten a cute little boarding pass on a plane to the seventies and we’re going to Aspen. What could be better than winter white on this runway except the over the knee suede boots?

Of course I am a bit biased when it comes to Gucci because my first vintage handbag was made by them but I have to say if you weren’t in love before you will be now my friends. This season the company has really brought out the real women in their clothing. Yes it’s nice to see strange cut out dresses and weird patterns we can never wear to work but this season really has turned things around. There will be no more wishing that we could wear runway to work. Runway is the new work for this designer fashion house.

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The main thing was white then a bit of a new style trouser complemented by a fur vest or an amazingly architectural jacket that resembles a pea coat mixed with a trench and of course it’s white.  For the first time in quite some while low rise, flared dress pants dominated the look of the slowly gaining weight models. Structured white patent sandals worn with light colored tights even under pants really added to the pants that took over the dimly lit catwalk.  To add to the back to basics look slim fitting, solid color dresses were worn giving off sexy with small slits just above the hip bone. Who says you can’t show a little hip?


Not only did white take over the show, shades of tan and nude were big tones as well. Silk blouses with matching hued tan skirts were worn with over the knee tan boots to give the illusion of tights on the leg. One could hardly tell where the shoe started and the skirt began, which is great news to everyone who doesn’t want to look like a tramp but really wants to wear their over the knee boots to work this fall. Gucci’s also got your back when it comes to coats this winter; oversized seems to be the new look for your winter outer wear. The larger the better just remember to keep the colors light and neutral.

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One of my favorite looks can be found on the Gucci homepage for fall/winter 2010. It is a long sleeved white dress that is splattered in the brown and tan color palettes. Hitting just above the knees the dress is sexy even with its high rising neckline. Yet another great look is that of the one piece tan jumpsuit with casual legs worn with a simple necklace. Its military cargo meets professional with the silky appearance. Silk was present a good bit and showed up many more times. Once, it made an appearance in the form of a sleeveless flutter waist dress in cream with splashes of brown and tan worn with the stage stealing over the knee boots. With silk styles and boots like these women will be storming the doors to buy them.


Something else exciting has happened within this apparel empire, the Gucci signature sign has changed form one more time. Instead of your classic interlocking double g the logo appears as more of a circle in more unique font. Yet again the look has changed. It’s curious to see over the years the way those G’s have interlocked.


Not only has Gucci taken their own style again this season but they’ve been doing it since the infamous Italian fashion house was born in the early 1920’s. Gucci was one of the first labels in the 20’s and 30’s to be known for that of power, wealth and high status overall and no doubt will continue to be known for being the best until fashion is dead in the eyes of consumers. With that said, long live Gucci, the brand we all are secretly coveting.



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Fashion Writer Amanda Wines


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