Fall 2010

Elie Tahari is a rising star that has been featured on all of the Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale fall wardrobe emails, favorite’s lists and invites. Not only has he made a name for himself but he’s made a place for himself in the hearts of shoppers everywhere.

Tahari is a favorite on the racks of all of the big name retailers but he is especially a favorite to those women in sizes like petite. Not only do his ready to wear pieces not need to be altered but they seem to be made specifically for the customer. Although petite women love him so do the rest of his average sized clients. When it comes to pieces like his tailored pants and jackets we can all agree that our love will be forever be in place.

Erica $398.00

The real excitement came with this fall’s wide selection of looks. Whether it is closely tailored or loosely bohemian Tahari has covered his bases. His runway collection began with a round of black head coverings and belted waists, also seen on the runway of Yves Saint Laurent. The head coverings gave me a flash back to the nineteen sixties when women and nuns were becoming a statement.  As the collection of pieces proceeded down the dimly lit walk space the clothing seemed to get tighter and edgier. Black fur trimmed vests, hats and collars all were used in the first half of the performance to give the everyday something more than average.

Vera $398.00

The second half of the performance really shot off with a white hooded fur splotched coat. This was the real significance that the show was about to take on a new idea. Fur has been thrown all over the fall fashion movement but is really taken up a notch in colors like white as seen at Tahari.  From that point on the ensembles jumped to more of a business attitude, taking on button ups with leather skirts and silk blouses with trim gray cigarette pants. This is just another reason that women love the collections because not only do the styles scream luxury but they can be worn out to a not so luxury event.


Draped cashmere like sweaters were seen next in shades of gray with brown fur trimmed strappy heels and led us into the bohemian style loose tops and fur jackets. Large eyewear was incorporated with leather handbags in rich caramel brown shades. The style didn’t stop with that though, Tahari continued to add in suede and layers with every day skirts and wrap sweaters belted at the natural waist. Finishing up he led us back in to the 1970’s basic office style blouses and pants that have also been seen at Gucci for fall 2010. I have a feeling Rachel Zoe will die for these looks.

Shoppers beware this collection is one you will want to keep and will not soon be forgotten by women anytime soon. With looks this good we will want to remember the designer for a long time to come.  So go online, drive to your nearest Nordstrom’s or make your phone orders because we’re all about to grab for anything we can acquire in this collection!




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Fashion Writer Amanda Wines


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