Free style, lightness and bright color MILENA VELIOVA opened the third edition of Mens Fashion Week Europe.

Third World location for men's fashion after Milan and Paris , Plovdiv, added catwalks and style to international standards of the present third edition of Mens Fashion Week. An open 40-meter cascade stage with 4 levels, on location similar to Piazza di Spagna in Rome, in the fashion capital of Bulgaria-Plovdiv the presentation of new trends in men's fashion for the next Spring/Summer 2013 started. In "Little Rome", as it is called for centuries because of its ancient architecture, was the new but already traditional place for presenting men's fashion and which designers, fashion photographers, media, retailers and representatives of the fashion community worldwide are directed to.

Milena VELIOVA’s collection “Free Style”, inspired by the music of Plovdiv pop group with the same name, broke the standards in men's clothing. With inspiration from traditional African clothing, and orientation of the Arabian Peninsula with elements of Bulgarian traditions, the beloved Bulgarian designer successfully intertwined ethnic elements from different cultures seen through modern eyes. On the one hand, the opening fashion defile showed the possibilities to bring together designers from around the world, and on the other - combining the models in men's clothing that bear the feeling of lightness, freedom and the pleasure from men’s feeling that nothing restricts them. The name “Free style” symbolizes freedom of ideas, breaking stereotypes so that men will not feel limited to. The collection is composed by clothes for leisure time and light and comfortable fabrics - linen, silk, viscose, cotton, are used.

Freshness, lightness and ethereal bringing freedom movement, are characteristic elements in men’s clothing for Spring/Summer 2013 in colors close to the earth and nature and also bright and funky. "It is time for bulgarian men to begin wearing bright colors" - said the designer whose collection is in line with global trends in men's clothing. Unusual and funky ideas in tunics, robes, shorts, girdle (reminiscent of the Egyptians), Arab-African elements, and some Bulgarian traditional ones, are something new for Bulgaria. Strong impression of the big audience attending the show, made the trousers in Indonesian style inspired by the clothes that are worn on the island of Bali - light, free-style, suitable for hot summer days and can be worn by people of different sizes too. That is why the designer chose a male models with different style and vision to show that fashion is for everyone. Hoods and tassels are other features.

Jacket with hood in combination with ¾ pants and fringes added to jackets and pants are the elements that inset more exotic to Milena VELIOVA’s clothes - "Exotic is extremely important”, she said in front of the attending media and guests, “Exotic is inspiration and impulse" for Milena just like the music of Plovdiv pop group Free Style, which gave her the tonus and brought the idea of freedom for non-standard and highly varied. One of the pop group’s vocalists Rosen KOKUSHAROV participated in the fashion show next to the Bulgarian top models presenting the collection and in expression of honor for the creative impulse of Milena VELIOVA.

"For me, Creativity, Energy and Movement are an integral whole" - Milena Veliova"

The combination of classic and unconventional elements in the first fashion show of MEN`s Fashion Week’s Calendar in Plovdiv, unlocks not only designer’s imagination for innovative ideas and concepts but also producers’. Fashion Forum opened with a simple Welcome Cocktail with a week-long International Photo Exhibition by fashion photographers from Bulgaria and Malta.

The Calendar of fashion events started with Men's Fashion Vision Week in which by the end of the period of MEN`s Fashion Week National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria, which is a general producer in partnership with fashion photographers of Bulgaria will make professional makings and photo pleins at various locations in order the trends in men's vision, associated with hairstyles, makeup, accessories, cosmetics, etc. to be performed the best way
The full format of the third edition of Men's Fashion Week up to 30th of June 2012 includes professional seminars of modeling and designing of men's shirts, jackets and trousers.

The next fashion show is with the Russian-Bulgarian fashion house THELO tonight, and the crowd eagerly waits the June 28, when, after 15-year absence from the country and bulgarian podium the world-famous Bulgarian designer Vassil PETRIISKI will return with men's fashion collection.

___________________________ xx Q & A

When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry?
Originally, as a child I like to design and sew dresses for my dolls ( I had a sewing machine for child).   Later on, during my study at School for tailoring- “M. Luiza”  I decided  I love to draw  & design garments  and I want  fashion design to be my business.

How long have you been in the industry?  
After graduating  as a  Textile engineer in Technical university- Sofia , near a  year  I worked as a teacher  and on the end decided – should start/ open, mine own atelier . Six month later I made my first collection (parents help me for that) and I show it at Forum of Bulgarian Fashion. I was happy when the spectators & journalists like my first collection and that stimulate me to go on designing for my own label.

What is your role in the industry?  If I understand the question rightly, to create & design garments in a different, unique and artistic manner, even in RTW industry.

Are you a Couture designer or RTW?   Both…, In spite of my love is couture fashion, because she is not so useful I design and RTW clothes in boutique/small /limited amount.

What does fashion mean to you? For me, fashion is not only the way you wear and follow the fashion trends; it is way you think about surroundings.

What is your inspiration? A lot of music, feeling, painting, fabric, nature, move,

Is there a theme or message in your clothing? My message is : artistic finesse, beauty , Individuality, harmony, comfort…

What makes your clothing/accessories unique?  On principle, I don’t like to follow fashion trends blindly, cause for me individuality is leading.  That’s why I use to put some non-pop elements and to combine in different way   fabrics, patterns and styles.

Your target demographic? – If I understand correctly the question – not yet, but yes in the future.

Where can readers buy your clothing?  Now in my showroom in Sofia, or order true e-net.

What are the materials you work with?  Silk, linen, cotton, pure wool or mixed with viscose, elastin.

Colors, patterns, hardware, etc.? I use to make the sketches & patterns for my designs, some drawings and fancy- works. 

What is your favorite piece/item you have ever done? Almost everything.

Quote that which defines you in the business or personal
"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist." - St Francis of Assisi

What is your favorite fashion season?  Spring/summer

How do you feel the recession has affected the fashion industry, if it has at all? Naturally the small companies and independent designers are more affected, I thing… I felt it (in BG) with slowing down the orders and buying power of clients.

What trend do you love this year/season?emphasis(pointed)  waistline.

Most loved designer/brand? A lot ….Iceberg, R. Cavally , Armani, H. Shalaian, I.S. Loran, Galliano,  etc.

What is your most beloved fashion item (accessory, shoes, and clothing)?  Jackets, hast, bags and shoes

Being a Bulgarian designer, do you feel American fashion tend to differ, and so how much? How you would you define your city's fashion? I don’t have that much findings about American fashion,  I think she is more sports and comfortable orientated ,then Bulgarian (+ sought EU countries) fashion.  My city’s (Sofia) fashion- I may to say: colored & varied.

Do you market in the United States? If not, do you plan to do so? not at this time but I plan to in the future.

What is the most memorable/favorite moment in your fashion career/history?   When I was awarded,  in National Fashion Competition “The 5t element”- Air division, after the positive articles for my collections, and when people like my designs.

Photos: Albert Baruch, Association of fashion photographers of Bulgaria and MEN`s Fashion Week. All rights reserved.
Plovdiv, 25 June 2012. Producer: National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria



Designer Milena Veliova

Images Milena Veliova

Photography Albert Baruh, Stanislava Yamakova

Models Rosen Kokusharov, Niki Stanchev, Ivaylo Asdparuhov, Valery Mihaylov, Mariana Popova, Nikolina, Mary Koya, Zlatinka Nikodimova, Iren Onteva

MUA Diana Stoyanova, Eva Sereva

Fashion Writer Stevn De Lozada

Bulgaria , 1700 Sofia  , 85 Simeonovsko shouse Str.
Phone ++359 888 417427 0877 703068




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Place of birth: Sofia

Age: 17.01.1971


Summary of

2011- 2012 EOOD “Pendara” Sofia, Bulgaria

Fashion Designer | Stylist | Creative Director
1997- 2008 ET “Kerka Veliova” Sofia, Bulgaria

Creative Director | Fashion Designer
Established the fashion line & label “Milena Veliova -Fashion “
I developed a limited quantity of exclusive casual, evening, artistic/stage clothing – lades\ gents and produced a boutiques collection for galleries in Sofia, Bulgaria. My design house manufactures handmade unique high-couture dresses.

1996- 1997 Technical School for Apparel-Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Design department
  • Fashion Design Assistant
  • Apparel technology teacher



▪ 2012 Designing of bridal & evening dresses for Pendara EOOD

▪ 2011 Design of pattern samples for Garmz GMBH

▪ 2010 Designer and stylist of project ‘ Faces’ – Visage TV

▪ 2007 -2010 Designing and producing of sport suits for Bulgarian national team for ball dances.

▪ 2006 Eurovision Song Contest- designing and producing of stage costumes of Bulgarian performers.

▪ 2006 / Nov. Participation in Day of Bulgaria in Fashion TV cannel - fashion show - create a collection.

▪ 2005 Designed variety show costumes for Veselina TV

▪ 2005 Designed evening dress & costumes for Mini Miss Bulgaria, presented in Budapest.

▪ 2004 Designed collection for Bulgarian Fashion Forum designed garments with folk elements for Bulgarian representative in International Tourist fair in Berlin.

▪ 2004 Designed garments with folk elements for Bulgarian representative in International Tourist fair in Berlin.

▪ 2003 Designed stage costume for music performers presented Bulgarian dais in Japan .

▪ 2003 Designed tail - coat, ball dress and Latin dress for Bulgarian Champions of Ball room Dunces

▪ 2002 Designed costumes for circus rope - dance duo "Skylerss"

▪ 2002 Designed high-couture collection Improvisations for Bulgarian Fashion Channel - Visages

▪ 2002 Designed art collection Wild for Londa

▪ 2001 Designed costumes for Hashove music shows and artists

▪ 2000- 1998

Designed costumes for show artists and music show

Designed national Scottish and Latin - American clothing for famous entertainment spots

Created special cloths for catering company

Designed spots and leisure apparel

Designed collection for Fashion shows

For more info about Fashion shows, please visit:



1990-1996 Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria
Technical & Technology of the Textile & Cloth
Degree: Master of Fashion Design & Apparel Modeling

Professional Secondary School of Tailoring “Maria Louisa “, Sofia , Bulgaria 
Designer of Men’s clothes


▪  Bulgarian Fashion Forum,    Member since 1997
▪  Association of Bulgarian Designers,   Member since 1997
ROT | Rotar-act club  Sofia  ,  Member  since 1995


Bulgarian, English, Russian




Worldwide fashion design


1991-1992 T U- Economic Department, Sofia, Bulgaria
▪ Ergonomic and Design

2007-2008 Private Course 
▪ Modaris V5 R1

06. 1994 | 08.1994 Technical University, Rostok, Germany
▪ Computer Design, working with CAEDS on IBM RISK/ 6000 & AutoCad

1985- 1996 Private Courses, Sofia, Bulgaria
▪ Classical Drawing – graphic & water color 
▪ Decorative Drawing- tempera, water color and pastels
▪ Fashion sketching- pen and wash drawing


Art history, Ancient history, Astrology & numerology, Paints

Interests and

Drawing, Fashion sketching, Bulgarian national dances, outside activities 

Awards received

▪    2000   Award in National fashion competition “The 5t element”- Air

▪   1998    Fashion Academy- Golden Needle nominated artist- experimental style

▪   1997    Association of Bulgarian Designers, nominated artist – Eco collection


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