By: Dave Edwards



Two quotes by Rod Serling, famed talent of “The Twilight Zone”—
“Some people possess talent, others are possessed by it. When that happens, a talent becomes a curse.” And “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.”

The key to anything as important to this world is sound, sight, mind and substance. Without any of these key elements, success is just a dream that has no vehicle.
If you attended this colossal event, one would understand first hand why anyone could say it was a marvelous yet lavish rat race; an incredible assault on sight and nerves, with people rushing all around the Palace preparing for the unveiling of the newest designers in Fashion, Graphics, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Architecture, Illustration, Interior Architecture & Design.  Just to witness the “coming out party” of all these individuals was an experience. I had the opportunity to speak with graduates and graduate candidates to learn the “why and WOW” factors; the “why” they feel, no BELIEVE, they can make the impact they have dreamed of afar off; of pursing and bringing those dreams to fruition and becoming one of the true “game changers” in the fashion world.  One game changer remarked, "Like many new fashion designers being birthed, the students of AAU are the new adventurers who challenge the norm, brave the world, and embark on new adventures and the fashion-forward tastemakers who seek the highest standard of quality and style”. Many utilized the old ideas in textiles ranging from simple wool to combining silk, rayon (for the sheer quality and to accentuate movement) to faux leathers and furs which lend to a feeling of warmth and substance unlike no other.
To view this “Palace” as nothing more than steel, wood, concrete, and cord is to say fabric is just cloth. And then if cloth is just a covering over a body, then…..
As we viewed the models—no articles of total beauty—showcasing not mere art, but the substance of dreams, visions, and allow those sights to catapult us into tomorrow, greatness was determined.
Model after model marched out onto that runway looking fierce, rebellious and completely mesmerizing: the eyes, the swagger, the “touch”; that lingering of a perfume on the air. From classic designs of new sensuous, flowing gowns to micro-fiber sweeping cloaks styled in vibrant yet tasteful and elegant colors; to “Suri” type male. Yet I was almost swept back in time to the ‘80’s and Duran, Duran and MC Hammer with some of the styles. Seemingly transported back in time to the wonderment of an era that I had totally missed and do not long to go back in time.






Designers Milena Veliova

Images Beverly Irish-Tobie

Video & Editing Trevor Tobie

Fashion Writer Dave Edwards







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