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LAST UPDATED: December 2008


MED HH INC.: $82,431

AVG HH INC.: $86,075

PER CAPITA INC.: $35,119

Source: San Jose Redevelopment Agency
Claritas, Inc., 2005


California Demographic Comparison

(Five Mile Radius)

Population: 648,724

(HH): 197,084

Average HH
Income: $85,550

Median HH
Income: $68,403

Percent HH
over $50,000: 64%

Over $75,000: 45%

Education/ College 1-4+ Years: 44%

Median Age: 34

Center of 5.0-mile demographic ring:
Downtown San Jose – South First and San Fernando Streets

Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Claritas, Inc., 2007


Regional Demographic Comparison

(Five Mile Radius)
Downtown San Jose
Santana Row

Population: 648,724

Households (HH): 197,084

Average HH Income: $85,550

Median HH Income: $68,403

Percent HH over $50,000: 64%

Over $75,000: 45%

Education/ College 1-4+ Years: 44%

Median Age: 34

Center of 5.0-mile demographic ring:
Downtown San Jose – South First and San Fernando Streets
Santana Row – Stevens Creek and Winchester Boulevards

Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Claritas, Inc. 2007

Psychographic Profile
(Downtown San Jose Trade Area)

Psychographics are a way to measure consumers’ beliefs, opinions, and buying habits. Rather than demographics, which use age, income, gender and other quantitative data, psychographics provide a way to understand more qualitative data. Psychographics can be extremely helpful in predicting differences in buying patterns and in stimulating ideas for communicating with the target group.

There are 50 categories or segments of the “buying public” as defined by National Decision Systems. Of those 50 segments, several will be highlighted below. In reviewing the final data, the base line index for normal comparison is
100, i.e. any number above 100 is above the norm while any number below 100 is below the norm.

Segment % of All HH

A. “Young Digerati” 9.53%
Young Digerati – are the nation’s tech-savvy singles and couples living in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban fringe. Affluent, highly educated and ethnically mixed, Young Digerati communities are typically filled with trendy
apartments and condos, fitness clubs and clothing boutiques, casual restaurants and all types of bars--from juice to coffee to microbrew.

B. “Money & Brains” 7.58%
Money & Brains – The residents of Money & Brains seem to have it all: high incomes, advance degrees and sophisticated tastes to match their credentials. Many of these city dwellers – predominantly white with a high
concentration of Asian Americans – are married couples with few children who live in fashionable homes on small manicured lots.

C. “Bohemian Mix” 24.53%
Bohemian Mix – A collection of young, mobile urbanites, Bohemian Mix represents the nation’s most liberal lifestyles. It’s residents are a progressive mix of young singles and couples, students and professionals, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and whites. In their funky row houses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, night club, laptop and microbrew.

D. “American Dreamers” 10.96%
American Dreamers – A living example of how ethnically diverse the nation has become: more than half the residents are Hispanic, Asian or African- American. In these multilingual neighborhoods (one in ten residents speaks a
language other than English) middle-aged immigrants and their children live in middleclass comfort.

E. “Urban Achievers” 14.03%
Urban Achievers – Concentrated in the nation’s port cities, Urban Achievers are often the first stop for up–and-coming immigrants from Asia, South America and Europe. These young singles and couples are typically college
educated and ethnically diverse: about a third are foreign–born, and even more speak a language other than English.

Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency Buxton 2006


Two Mile Radius Summary*

Population: 117,416
Households: 36,186
Average HH Income: $69,050
Per Capita Income: $21,870
Median Age: 32
Education: 41% 1-4 + years of college
Housing Values: 77% above $400,000

Earning Income Breakdown:
9%: $150,000-$499,999
14%: $100,000-$149,999
14%: $75,000-$99,999
37%: Over $75,000

* Center of 2-mile demographic ring: Downtown San Jose, South First & San Fernando Streets.

Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency Claritas, Inc., 2007


Seven Mile Radius Summary*

Population: 1,066,676
Households: 344,796
Average HH Income: $94,356
Per Capita Income: $29,923
Median Age: 35
Education: 57% 1- 4 + years of college
Housing Values: 82% above $400,000
Earning Income Breakdown:

14%: $150,000- $499,999
20%: $100,000- $149,999
16%: $75,000- $99,999
50%: Over $75,000

* Center of 7-mile demographic ring: Downtown San Jose, South First & San Fernando Streets
Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency Claritas, Inc., 2007


Fast Facts

Daytime Population: 60,000 – 100,000
Daytime Office Population: 65,131 (within the Downtown Trade Area)
Residential Population: 648,724 within 5-mile radius of San Fernando & South First Streets
Average HH Income: $85,550 within 5-mile radius

Light Rail Ridership:
Downtown Area: 7,441 average weekly / 1.9 million total annually
Citywide: 21,675 average weekly / 5.5 million total annually

Visitor Profile:
Total Visitors in 2005: 6.7 million
Length of Stay: 3.5 days/nights
Average Spending Per Hotel Visitor: $141/day
Average Party Size: 2.44 persons
Education Profile: San Jose State University

30,350 students and 1,622 faculty
Average Student Profile: Female 54% male 46%
20-24 years of age, employed

Annual Downtown Events:*
San Pedro Square Farmers’ Market 78,000 patrons (May-December 2007)
Music in the Park & Music in Other Park / 82,400 attendees in 2007
Public Space Program (outdoor movies, etc.) / 230,000 attendees in 2006
Downtown Ice / 96,760 attendees in 2007
Christmas in the Park / 450,000 attendees in 2005
San Jose Holiday Parade / 120,000 attendees in 2006
San Jose Jazz Festival / 95,000 attendees in 2007
Tapestry Arts Festival / 130,000 attendees in 2005
Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon / 51,800 attendees in 2007
Mariachi Festival / 34,500 attendees in 2006
ZeroOne Festival / 84,600 attendees in 2006
Cinequest Film Festival
*Cinequest was named one of the top ten film festivals world-wide by the prestigious Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, 2001. / 75,000 attendees in 2007
80 World and U.S. film premieres generating a projected $3.25 million in revenue for the local economy
*1.5 million people attended 175 Downtown events in 2006.

Downtown Cultural & Entertainment Venues
HP Pavilion (2005 Event Attendees) 1,293,169 attendees
Tech Museum of Innovation/ IMAX Theater 357,345 visitors
Center for the Performing Arts 301,144 patrons
Children’s Discovery Museum 334,220 visitors
San Jose Museum of Art 197,968 visitors
Repertory Theatre 85,000 patrons
Camera Cinemas 174,013 attendees
Dr. Martin Luther King Library 2.6 million visitors
**Average of 75,000 people attend events on a weekly basis.

For more information on Entertainment & Cultural Events in Downtown San Jose, please refer to our website at, or the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, July 2005, Claritas, Inc., Projections based on Census 2005, September 2002, Office of Cultural Affairs, July 2005, VTA, October 2006,
San Jose Downtown Association, City of San Jose, Buxton 2006, San Jose Sports Authority


Retail Profile

 1.63 million sq. ft. of retail
 Over 170 eating establishments
 Over 72 retailers
 Over 46 retail services
 40 cultural/entertainment venues

New Retailers in Fiscal Year July 2007- to Present:
Azuki Boutique
Asqew Grill (second location)
Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs
Bijan Bakery
Billy Berk’s Restaurant
Carl’s Jr.
Caffe Trieste
Chevy’s Fresh Mex
El Pollo Loco
Erik’s Deli
Extreme Pizza
Flames Restaurant
Franco Uomo
Hoagie’s Steak Out
Isabella's Boutique
La Nostra Pizza Restaurante
Mezcal Bistro and Bar
Motif Restaurant and Club
Morocco’s Restaurant
Nazca Peruvian Restaurant
Penguin FroYo
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
Sandella’s Flatbread
Specialty Café and Bakery
Starbucks (5th location)
Sweet Tomatoes
Swirls Frozen Dairy and Juice Bar
Silk Road Bistro
The Blue Chip Sports Bar
Tova Day Spa
Umbrella Salon(expansion)
Coming Soon:
Baja Fresh
Downtown Yoga Shala
Heroes Martial Arts
Love’s Cupcakes
Philz Coffee
Silk Indian Road Restaurant (2nd Location)
Soula Yoga Studio
The Cheesesteak Shop
U Food Grill
WOW Noodle Restaurant

Source: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, December 2008


Business and Employment Profile

Daily Downtown Population: 65,131 office workers in Downtown Trade Area
60,000 daytime core population
Unemployment Rate: 4.5% (February 2007)
Major Employers Downtown: Adobe Systems* (2,300 employees)
San Jose State University
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
City of San Jose
*Adobe Systems recently purchased San Jose Water Company property and plans to build three more towers
and employee housing.

Office Worker Profile
Gender: 57% male, 43% female
Median Age: 37 years old
Median Household Income: $88,390
Legal Status: 54% married, 36% single
Household Type: 63% adults only / 37% with children
Education: 67% with college degree / 27% with graduate degree
Residence: 48% live in San Jose

Office Space Profile
Current Office Space: 7.2 million sq. ft.
Office Space in Development:
Total Space in Area of Influence: 46 million sq. ft.
Vacancy Rate: 12.7%
Avg. Leasing Rate: $2.03 psf

Sources: Claritas, Inc., Projections 2005
San Jose Redevelopment Agency
Office of Economic Development, 2006
U.S. Department of Labor, February 2007


Visitor Profile

Annual Citywide Visitors: 6,700,000
Annual Downtown Visitors: 2,303,000*
Average Length of Stay: 3.5 days / nights
Average Party Size: 2.44 persons
Airport Passengers: 13.1 million annually
Day Trips to San Jose: 4.03 million visitors
Total Hotel Rooms: 8,913

San Jose Visitor Profile
50% of all San Jose visits included restaurant and dining experiences
35% of all San Jose visitors visit Downtown

Hotel/Motel Visitor Profile
Average age of “Head of Household” hotel / motel visitor is 36*
38% of hotel visitors stay 4-6 nights*
32% of hotel visitors stay 2-3 nights*
Average spending per hotel visitor is $141/day
64% of hotel visitors are business generated including conventions and meetings

Convention Center Expansion:
San Jose hotels are pursuing the creation of a Mello-Roos community facilities district in order to raise funds for a permanent expansion to the Convention Center.

Sources: Statistics from San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau, all 2004 except * for 2002. Complete, updated statistics available every two years only.

Downtown Hotels
Fairmont Hotel: 805 rooms
Marriott Hotel City Center: 506 rooms
Larkspur Sainte Claire: 170 rooms
Crowne Plaza: 239 rooms
Hotel DeAnza: 100 rooms
San Jose Hilton: 355 rooms
San Jose Convention Inn: 72 rooms
Historic Montgomery Hotel 86 rooms
(Joie de Vivre) 2,333 rooms
52% increase in total downtown hotel rooms since 2000
Downtown Hotel Occupancy for March 2007: 71.31%

Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, September 2007
San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau, October 2006


Residential Profile
Population: 648,724 individuals within five-mile radius of Downtown
Projected 130,000 newcomers to San Jose by 2020
78,487 individuals with the Downtown Trade Area (1.4 mile radius)
5,753 housing units have been built in the greater Downtown, more than 60% have been constructed since 1999
2,539 low rise homes under construction or in planning process
8,228 high rise housing units under construction
15 high rise housing projects are under construction or in permit process
Rental vacancy rate has decreased to 7% citywide
Households: 9.8% increase in number of households between 1990 - 2002

Average family household Income up 99.4% between 1990 – 2002 ($51,721)

For current information on current Downtown housing activity visit:
Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, 2002, 2007 Buxton, 2006

Residential Profile

Downtown Luxury Condominium Buyer Profile:
68% of buyers under 40
77% are single
24% of buyers over 55
48% are couples
20% paid cash
24% have a second home
Minimum down payment is 20% / $100,000
Estimated annual earning is over $100,000
Average educational level is master’s degree
Pacific Marketing Associates, September 2002

Culture, Arts & Entertainment Profile Major Venues & Performing Arts

San Jose Arena / 20,000 seats & 24 luxury boxes
San Jose Sharks NHL Hockey, major concerts,
Sabercats Arena Football
San Jose Theatre / 450 seats
Center for the Performing Arts / 2,071 seats
The Improv Comedy Club
American Musical Theatre of San Jose
Ballet Silicon Valley Repertory Theatre / 525 seats
San Jose Repertory Theatre
San Jose Taiko
Montgomery Theatre / 536 seats
San Jose Children’s Musical Theater
California Theatre / 1,146 seats
San Jose Opera
Symphony Silicon Valley

San Jose Museum of Art
Tech Museum of Innovation
Institute of Contemporary Art
Children’s Discovery Museum
Peralta Adobe & Fallon House
Museum of Quilts & Textiles
Works Gallery

Selection of Restaurants
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
A.P. Stump’s
Agenda Restaurant and Lounge
Arcadia (Michael Mina)
Bella Mia
E&O Trading Company
Gordon Biersch Brewery
Ill Fornaio
Loft Bar & Bistro
McCormick & Schmick’s
Melting Pot
Morton’s Steakhouse
Original Joe’s
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
Picasso’s Grill
The Grill on the Alley
The Old Spaghetti Factory

Transportation Profile

Public Transportation: 7,441 average weekly
VTA Light Rail: 21,675 average weekly
Downtown Ridership: 1.9 million total annually
Citywide Ridership: 5.5 million total annually
Santa Clara County Light Rail System to be 79.4 miles by 2006
Average annual boarding or deboarding at
Downtown bus stations 76,209
VTA Bus Service:
Average weekday ridership in City of San Jose 65,136
Average annual boarding or deboarding at Downtown light rail stations bus stations 16,260
Shuttle Services: VTA light rail shuttle
Arena event shuttle
Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH)
CalTrain: Originates at Downtown San Jose’s Diridon Station with service to San Francisco to the north & Gilroy to the south.
Altamont Commuter Express: Provides rail commute service from San Jose through Fremont and Pleasanton to Stockton.
Bay Area Rail Transit (BART): BART is expected to extend 16.3 miles from Fremont through Milpitas to Downtown San Jose and the Santa Clara Caltrain Station.

Projected weekday ridership is over 78,000, 30,000 in Downtown alone. The network connects a population of 7 million.

Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport
Scope: More than 10.6 million passengers annually 378 commercial flights daily and 174 general aviation departures and landings Daily (2005) 13 major carriers
Location: 2 miles from Downtown San Jose
10 Year Expansion: $1.5 billion program includes airfield, roadway, terminal and parking improvements
Accommodation of 17.6 million passengers
Project will be done in two phases with Phase 1 to be completed by 2010
New Terminal B to replace existing Terminal C
Remodeling of Terminal A
New rental car/short-term parking Garage
New long-term parking garage

Freeway Access:
Downtown Access to Highways 87 & 280, and
connecting to Highways 85, 101, 880 & 680.

Downtown Parking:
The proposed 2006 Parking Management Plan update includes a three phase
plan to increase the number of parking spaces in the Downtown.
Parking Facts: 22,000 Parking spaces within Downtown area
Free parking available weekdays after 6pm,
weekends & holidays at 8 public facilities
Parking validation program

For more on Downtown parking, please refer to
Sources: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, October 2007, San Jose International Airport Website, 2006
The Projected Economic Impacts of the SJIA Master Plan Update Alternatives, 1996
San Jose International Airport Master Plan Update, 1999


Fast Facts

Founded in 1777 & Incorporated in 1850
10th Largest City in the U.S./ 3rd Largest City in California
Encompasses 177 Square Miles with Population of 940,552
Best Place in the U.S. for Business and Careers*
Average Household Income is $86,075
Average Temperature of 70° Fahrenheit 300 Days of Sunshine per Year

Downtown is home to 100 software companies
MAE-West is the largest internet and exchange point on West Coast 7.2 million sq. ft. of existing office space in Downtown area
860,000 million sq. ft. of new office space proposed Downtown
65,131 Downtown office employees within Downtown Trade Area

Over 6.7 million visitors a year
450,000 sq. ft. convention center with a new 80,000 sq. ft. South Hall
Approximately 9,000 hotel rooms in the city

One-hour drive from San Francisco
Light rail system and Caltrain connect to Bay Area
Norman Y. Minetaq International airport services 10.9 million passengers
BART to extend to Downtown San Jose from Fremont, project in 2016.

Source: San Jose Redevelopment Agency, October 2007
Convention & Visitors’ Bureau and SJC Airport, August 2006
*Forbes Magazine, 5/4/01, Office of Economic Development, 2006 Claritas, 2005


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